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We started out as a small billing service with one client over 12 years ago. We have enjoyed slow steady growth strictly by word of mouth. The clients we have obtained have stayed with us throughout the years, only to leave through retirement or change of profession.

All of our staff are open and honest and very dedicated to assisting both our providers and their patients.

Advanced Business Services Provide Services for:

Individual and multiple physician clinics
Emergency room physicians
Imaging Facilities
& Many other medical specialists

No practice too big or too small!

Services We Provide:

  • We can assist with the opening of a new practice *
  • Medical insurance billing
  • Insurance payments
  • Patient payments
  • Billing hmos, work comp, epos, ppos, medicare, medicaid and pos plans
  • All insurance and patient payments go directly to the provider while all patient contacts and other aspects of the business are handled by us
  • We offer full EHR/EMR services with scheduling available and optional patient bill pay portal
  •     *: By finding provider id numbers, npi, and credentialing